Can I apply for an extension?

Australis College

It is your responsibility to dedicate the time and commitment required to complete the course you have enrolled into. However, if you have any concerns or circumstances impacting on your ability to complete your course within your study plan timeframe, please contact your Trainer or our Student Support team on 1300 887 991 or email They are able to offer advice options, and/or discuss tools and techniques to assist you towards completion. Students may apply for a course or unit of study extension by completing an Extension Request Form available from Student Services.

This is considered by the General Manager of Faculties in consultation with the Head of Faculty, Student Support Manager and Student Services Manager Students who do not demonstrate progress or complete their course after an extension has been granted will be required to re-enroll in their course and incur fees for units of competency not completed in order to proceed. These fees will be calculated as per the current Schedule of Tuition Fees published on the Australis College website

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