Can I defer my studies?

Australis College

Students may re-enrol in their course if they require more time to complete or wish to defer their study program.

  1. Students can request a Re-enrolment Form and send their completed application to no later than two (2) weeks before the end date of their course.
  2. Students will be advised by Student Services the adjusted fee schedule and timeframe for units of competency not completed applicable at the time of their re-enrolment if they wish to proceed.
  3. The Trainer or Head of Faculty will contact the student to develop a new study plan to help them achieve their qualification within the new timeframe.
  4. Students who meet the eligibility criteria set in the Australis College VFH Special Circumstances and Review Policy (POL_TA_VFH1) will be considered by the Chief Operations Officer and notified in writing of the outcome.
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